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Attention, schools across South East Queensland! Are you looking to inject a dose of excitement and hands-on learning into your curriculum? Look no further than Wildlife Unleashed for an unforgettable educational experience!


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School Incursions

Here at Wildlife Unleashed, we pride ourselves on delivering engaging and interactive wildlife incursions that seamlessly integrate with the Queensland curriculum. Our tailored sessions are designed to captivate students' imaginations while reinforcing key learning objectives.

We believe in collaboration with educators to ensure our sessions are not only fun but also highly informative. Our team works closely with teachers to customise each school incursion, guaranteeing that it meets the specific needs and interests of their students.

Whats Included With Our School Incursions?

Our wildlife presentations not only align seamlessly with the Australian curriculum but can also be customised to meet the unique needs of both students and teachers for a hands on and wildly fun learning experience for everyone!

Living & non living things:

from tiny organisms to big animals, all have special traits to stay alive. They adapt to their surroundings and depend on each other in different ways. Whether in oceans, forests, or cities, living things are cool because they find ways to survive and keep going.


Australian animals:

Explore Australia's unique animals, from rare cockatoos to the most venomous snake in the world. come along as we shine a spotlight on these amazing creatures that call Australia home.

Food webs & food chains:

Let's unravel the world of food webs and chains! From producers to predators, we'll explore how organisms are interconnected in ecosystems. Discover the fascinating dynamics where every organism plays a crucial role. Come along on this exploration of the intricate balance in nature!

Endangered species & conservation:

Let's chat about endangered animals, like majestic tigers and gentle sea turtles. We'll cover what makes them endangered—threats like habitat loss. Together, we can raise awareness and take action for their survival. Join me in making a positive impact on these remarkable beings.

Animal adaptations:

Discover the wonders of animal adaptations! From chameleons' camouflage to cheetahs' speed, we'll explore how animals cleverly adapt to survive. Dive into the amazing strategies that help them thrive in their environments.

  • Educational wildlife show or display with a variety of wildlife.

  • Snakes, lizards, birds, crocs, marsupials or even insects!

  • Kids can pat, hold & ask questions

  • Ability to link into the QLD curriculum

  • Fully licensed, insured & hold current blue cards

Enjoy a Safe School Incursion For Kids Of All Ages

At Wildlife Unleashed, our team is comprised of individuals who are not only passionate about wildlife but also excel at connecting with children of all ages. From the youngest animal enthusiasts to the most reserved students, our staff members have a special talent for making everyone feel included and valued during our wildlife encounters. We prioritise creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every participant feels comfortable and engaged. Additionally, safety is our top priority. All of our staff hold blue cards, ensuring they have undergone thorough background checks and are certified to work with children. Moreover, we are fully insured and possess all necessary permits for the handling and showcasing of wildlife, providing peace of mind to both our clients and our team. With Wildlife Unleashed, you can rest assured that your educational experience is not only enriching and enjoyable but also safe and responsibly managed.

Why Choose Us For Your Next School Incursion?

Wildlife Unleashed is dedicated to making a positive impact on the next generation. Through our educational programs and outreach initiatives, we strive to instil a sense of environmental responsibility and empathy for all living creatures. By creating a love for wildlife from an early age, we empower the next generation to become advocates for conservation and change.


In a world where screens often overshadow the natural world, Wildlife Unleashed offers a refreshing alternative. We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery, where every encounter sparks joy, curiosity, and appreciation for the incredible biodiversity that surrounds us.

Let Your Next school Incursion Be The Wildest One Yet!!

Wildlife Unleashed stands as a beacon of immersive wildlife education, serving communities across Sunshine Coast and Brisbane with unforgettable school incursions. Our commitment to creating curiosity and respect for the natural world shines through in every wildlife encounter we facilitate. By intertwining animal education with sustainability principles and aligning with the Australian curriculum, we not only inspire a profound appreciation for living things but also empower students to become stewards of our planet. 

So why wait? Give your students the opportunity to engage with the natural world like never before. Book a Wildlife Unleashed incursion today and watch as learning comes to life right before their eyes!

With Wildlife Unleashed, every school incursion becomes a transformative journey where learning meets adventure, leaving a lasting impact on young minds and our shared future.

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