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Our Story

G'day we're Mick and Adele,

we have been obsessed with wildlife since we were just

little tackers! 

Since then, we have always put in the hard yards and followed

our dreams to become true wildlife conservationists and work to protect all wildlife big and small. 


Together we have years of experience and wish to share that experience and passion with everyone we meet! 


Wildlife Unleashed is a dream come true for us, we have worked really hard to get here and we can’t wait to now share the journey with you all! 

Our Vision

Wildlife Unleashed is a place for conservation, sustainability, adventure, education and so much more. 

We hope that a Wildlife Unleashed experience leaves you with a greater appreciation and understanding for the nature that surrounds us everyday. Look up in the trees more, appreciate the magpie sitting on your fence, enjoy the fresh air we breathe and live a little more sustainable to help preserve some of natures most unique and wonderful things. 

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