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Death adders, Taipans, Tiger snakes, King browns & so much more...

Watch on the edge of your seat as Mick wrangles some of the worlds most venomous snakes all while dispelling myths and educating viewers about these illusive creatures!

Colour the skies with a variety of
free flight birds

Amaze your guests with the areal adventures of our free flight flock. Showcasing exotic and native birds - the crowd will leave the show with the urge to look up and see what wildlife they can spot in the sky!



Rambo, our free flight Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, was one of the first animals to join our family and helped us create the vision that got us to where we are today. Rambo was 18 months old when he began his free flight journey with us at Wildlife Unleashed and definitely keeps us on our toes whilst we continue to learn together!


Rico is a Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot! These birds are native too Central and South America making Rico our only exotic species. Rico is currently following in the foot steps of his free flight mate Rambo, learning the tricks of the trade. We have to remember keep a real close eye on him cause once he's in a tree, he is pretty hard to see!



Bruce & Boss

Bruce and Boss are our two Olive Pythons. They are among the largest snake species found here in Australia so prepare to be impressed. Although weighing in at over 10kg, don't let put you off, these two are gentle giants!


Nulla is a Bredli Python and Mick's very first snake! You wouldn't find one of Nullas wild mates here on the east coast of Australia, you'll have to head deep into the outback to try and catch a glimpse. However, we've saved you the trouble as Nulla loves meeting new people!


Chilli is our Green Python and being an arboreal snake she loves to spend her days coiled up on a branch. These guys are found in a small pocket of rainforest in Far North Queensland so we're super lucky to have her as a part of the Wildlife Unleashed family.



Rafiki our juvenile Diamond Python. It not hard to see why this fella is called a diamond python, those incredible patterns help them camouflage when they're cruising out in the bush.

Ned &Fidget

Ned & Fidget are two of our stunning Lace Monitors. Ned and Fidget have very different colour patterns making it very easy for us to tell them apart. Ned with the large banding on his body is called a bells phase lace monitor and are found more commonly in drier regions within their range. Fidget has your more typical Lace Monitor colouration with alot more spots. They are absolute puppy dogs.

Blue & Delta

Blue & Delta are our Frilled-neck Lizards. Named after the velociraptor's in Jurassic world as they have many raptor like characteristics. When these guys extend their frill out it's an impressive sight to see.


Echo is a Central Bearded Dragon. He gets his name from that epic beard he has and when feeling threatened he puffs it right out to scare off any predators or threats.

Littlefoot & Chomper

Little Foot and Chomper two juvenile Saltwater Crocodiles. They are only small now but someday they could be upwards of 18 feet long!! We think it's amazing that the largest reptile on the planet starts off so small. These guys are so perfect that they have remained unchanged for over 60 million years. Incredible!!


Wally the Blue Tongue. Well you can see right there where he gets his name, that tongues not blue from eating too many blueberries! It's actually an adaptation that allows them to scare off predators. This bloke is a Northern Blue Tonge lizard so he'll grow to be much bigger than the local ones you might encounter around here in south east Queensland.

Our Wildlife Unleashed family is constantly growing as we endeavor to provide a diverse range of wildlife experiences.

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